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July 14, 2024    10:24 am

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Value EcoSystem

The SmartITBench Value EcoSystem addresses strategic partnership needs, requirements, objectives and ideas.

The SmartITBench Value EcoSystem proposition that Iseehear provides to our partners extends beyond the database and graphical user interface.

As the Internet, Information Technology, mobile computing, associated new technologies and processes increasingly become integrated into our professional and personal lives it is integral that SmartITBench Value EcoSystem approach this reality with clear strategies that promote and enhance the business objectives of the strategic partnership.

That said Iseehear is interested in developing partnerships and implementing resources that provide our respective subscribers and customers with complementary tools that ensure timely access to their data (professional or personal).

The SmartITBench Value EcoSystem will foster and advance revenue opportunities for the strategic partnership.

Iseehear will work together with our partners via the SmartITBench Value EcoSystemto to create WIN WIN solutions.

Value EcoSystem Partner Program: If you are an animal facility, breeder, lab equipment supplier or computer technology supplier and would like to offer Iseehear services to your clients, or have the opportunity to offer your services and products to Iseehear subscribers please contact us about our Partner Programs at

For further information on Iseehear Value EcoSystem, please feel free to contact us.

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