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April 16, 2024    7:35 am

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Iseehear SmartLAB2020 develops custom database and software tools for scientists. We will build the specific tools that you need according to your research and experiment requirements.

You do the science. Iseehear develops the IT solutions and takes care of the work process innovation.

SmartLAB2020 Service Offerings:
  • Software Development Solutions
  • RelationalDatabase Development Solutions including Query Tools and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
  • Bioinformatics Development Solutions
  • Collaboration Solutions
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Data Management and Analysis Modules
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Software solutions integration
  • Informatics

For further information on Iseehear SmartLAB2020, please feel free to contact us.

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